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Debra Annane, M.A., M.P.H., R.Y.T has taught mindfulness-based programs since 2013 and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. She received mindfulness teacher certification from Brown University and studied at UMass Center for Mindfulness in the program originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Debra also trains extensively in the Zen Buddhist tradition and is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher with expertise in yoga for cancer patients and survivors. Debra works full-time in behavioral health research for Columbia University, serves as adjunct instructor of mindfulness in public health and medicine at University of Miami, and teaches mindfulness in various community settings and UM's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.  A former news and documentary writer-producer, a breast cancer survivor, and "momk," she enjoys art, biking, baking, gardening, and vinyasa yoga in her free time at home in Miami. Debra can be reached at dannane@hotmail.com.

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Aimee Bernstein, President of Open Mind Adventures, is a change accelerator with 40 years of experience. She specializes in breakthrough coaching, developing collaborative teams and cultures, and mindfulness-in-action training.  Her methodology liberates people from limited mindsets, behaviors and energy habits, enabling them to take exponential leaps in their professional and personal development. Aimee has brought her mindfulness-in-action training to leaders in such companies as Chanel USA, Colgate Palmolive Company, MasterCard, , Novartis Latin America, EA Sports, Vector Construction, an international European bank, and many other companies and nonprofit organizations. Aimee can be reached at Aimee@Openmindadventures.com www.Openmindadventures.com www.stresslessachievemore.com

Knellee Bisram, M.A. is a Professor of Social Sciences, an International Development Consultant, and Founder and CEO of AHAM Education. A Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, she has designed MBI curricula and taught Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to youth and individuals with functional needs, teachers, counselors, health practitioners, veterans, business and community leaders in English and Spanish throughout the Americas. Knellee is also a Center for Mind Body Medicine instructor teaching mind-body modalities for post-traumatic healing, and currently serves as co-chair of the Mind-Body Resilience Coalition for Broward Children’s Strategic Plan, and member of Broward County Public Schools’ Superintendent’s Mindfulness Initiative. She holds a BA in languages, and a MA in International Relations and Latin American Studies. Knellee can be reached at knellee@ahameducation.org, @KnelleeB and www.ahameducation.org 

Peter Calin (a.k.a. The Yoga Warrior) is living testimony to the wondrous benefits of the practice and wisdom of yoga. After an arduous, circuitous and paradigm-busting journey of reinvention and transformation, Peter teaches to serve and share the transformational physical, mental and emotional fitness, healing, health and wellness benefits derived from the wisdom, philosophy, science, and art of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  His over 10 years of teaching is guided by an intuitive spirit and an embodied awareness that informs and guides him in knowing ways that help him guide students on their own transformative journey.  Peter holds JD and MBA degrees from Cornell and an LLM in Human Rights from St. Thomas.  He is a certified yoga and pilates instructor and teaching/certifying as an MBSR teacher.

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Gus Castellanos, M.D. is a graduate of the U of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He practiced Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Jupiter for 25 years. He has been practicing mindfulness since 1998 and teaching mindfulness programs since 2009. He is certified to teach MBSR by the University of Massachusetts Center For Mindfulness & trained at the University of Miami’s Neuroscience of Mindfulness Lab. He currently teaches mindfulness-based programs at a variety of facilities throughout So Fla. including the University of Miami School of Medicine's Osher Center For Integrative Medicine, FIU College of Medicine, UMindfulness, Mindful Kids Miami, and the Sari Center for Integrative Cancer Care.


Juan Reyes, M.D. is the founder of Mindstay, a company that provides mindfulness based programs to manage anxiety, stress and addictions. He is a Board Certified physician and a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher by the UCSD Mindfulness Professional Training Institute. He has also trained  by the University of Massachusstes Center for Mindfulness in Healthcare, Medicine and Society. He has been practicing meditation since 2006 after completing a Vipassana retreat with the teachings of SN Goenka.  Juan has attended several silent meditation retreats and traveled to Nepal and Bhutan to expand his knowledge of meditation and mindfulness practices . He can be reached at mindstay.com or Instagram @mindstay_meditation

Janet Slom, M.F.A. is an artist, author, educator, and social entrepreneur.  She serves as adjunct faculty for Lehigh University’s Global Village and has taught at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and as a guest speaker at the University of Miami.  She is the originator of Mindfulness-Based Self Expression (MBSE), a program she developed to inspire new levels of creative awareness while building on the core principles of modern mindfulness as systematized by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Mary Beth Stern is a Florida Board Certified Addictions counselor, and a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, trained and certified by the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS Medical School.  She is a qualified facilitator in app- based Habit Change Programs including Eat Right Now and Unwinding Anxiety, developed by Judson Brewer, MD, and continues advanced mindfulness training at Center for Mindfulness at Brown University.

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